Creating Sacred Space

You may notice a few changes in the entryway.

Last spring, a team consisting of Reeta Sweeney, Christine Rainnie, Tracey Miller and myself, was formed to refresh and renew the entryway in order to create spaces that are warm and welcoming as well as functional. The Executive approved spending $1000 on the refurbishment, funds to come out of the Memorial Fund.

The team met three times over the summer and delved into the book, REdesigning Churches: Creating Spaces for Connection and Community by Kim Miller and really appreciated the ‘Always and Never’ section. We have taken those as our guide, they are included below:

1. Always use fresh flowers and plants; no plastic or silk
2. Use candles only if they can be attended, unlit candles signify ‘nobody’s home.’
3. In public hallways and spaces, remove anything that doesn’t pertain to new guests and the majority of people.
4. Clean carpets, windows and washrooms speak volumes.
5. Put a moratorium on random pieces of paper taped to walls and public places; essential messages to be framed in a consistent manner.
6. Bulletin boards are extremely hard to keep current and are an ineffective form of communication in our digital age. Replace them with mission-statement walls and/or enlarged photographs of members and mission related activities.

Things we have done:

1. Rearranged the furniture.
2. Created a ‘Welcome to Our Church’ table along with Welcome Packets’ for newcomers.
3. Removed the large table that got so cluttered.
4. Moved the hymnbooks into the sanctuary.

Things still to come:

1. Food bank box – can YOU build a nice wooden one to fit in the corner? Please contact Reeta Sweeney if you can.
2. Prayer wall above food bank box.
3. ‘How to create community’ poster hung in ‘conversation area.
4. New, magnetic ‘Idea Board.’
5. Live plants.
6. Core values poster.
7. Art project – have you done yours yet?
8. Cabinet with historic communion set moved.
9. Paint – we are connecting with the John Howard Society for this and you are going to be invited to write prayers on the walls before they are painted.
10. Curtain over first coat rack section – where a broom, shovel, the Dorcas signs and other odds and ends can be enclosed and tidy looking.
11. Creation of standardized, framed signage.
12. There will be some changes in our welcoming/greeting practices, stay tuned for ‘Ambassador Training.’


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