Midweek Messages – Aug. 30, 2017

The chill of fall is in the air today! And with fall comes schedules and planning and before we know it the lazy, seemingly endless days of summer will be over. I have enjoyed the combined services over the summer, and it’s true, leading worship only once is a treat! We go back to regular worship times on September 10th.

This Sunday marks the end of our ‘Reel Theology‘ series and our last combined service at Riverview @ 10:00 am. Sue Lahey is leading worship, she is connecting Matthew 19:16-22 and the movie What If. I thoroughly enjoyed working on the series and both Angela MacLean and Rev. Renee Clark told me they did too.  The Worship Committee is interested in some feedback, so let us know what you thought of it.

Remember those baptismal promises you made: Do you promise to assist in the Christian faith formation of this family as they seek the spiritual guidance and nurture of this church by providing the learning, resources, leadership and opportunities?
Yes, we do, God being our helper.

Is God calling you to be part of Riverview’s Sunday School rotation of teachers? Please prayerfully consider this important ministry; contact Rev. Catherine or Michael Rainnie.

Ambassador Training! With the Worship Committee’s blessing, we are going to be changing how we welcome people at Riverview on Sunday mornings. If you were in church last Sunday, you may have noticed that the hymnbooks have been moved into the sanctuary. If you would like to know more about being a Riverview Ambassador, please let Rev. Catherine know. She may also be tapping you on the shoulder.

The Family Room repairs at Riverview are complete, we just need to paint the room now before it can be brought back into use. We are going to be using the small room off the Family Room to store all the worship related supplies, that way we won’t have to go searching in various places for them!

At Riverview, a variety of people have been working on organizing and decluttering spaces in order for them to be functional and enjoyable spaces. Martha and I cleared out the Choir Room this week and rearranged a few things. We hope you will find the changes helpful. We left a number of things on the table in the choir room, please check it out and take what is yours, after a couple of weeks, they will be disposed of. We also hope that random things will not get left there! 😉


Hymn Books! We have a number of surplus hymnbooks at Riveview; if you would like to take one home, they are in a box in the Choir Room, feel free to help yourself. We are making every effort to contact family members of those hymnbooks that were dedicated in memory of them; those have been set aside in the office.

Pie Making – Many Hands Make Light Work –  It is Pie Making time once again at Riverview, and we would appreciate all the help we can get in making pie dough, peeling apples, and assembling the pies. Following is our tentative schedule: start time – 9:00 am; there is a sign-up sheet in the entryway.
September 5th making pie dough,
September 7th making pies,
September 11th making pie dough,
September 12th making pies,
September 14th making pies,
September 18th making pie dough,
September 19th making pies,
September 21st making pies.

Miller House – We had to replace the oil tank in Miller House. Thanks to the fact that Miller House is checked twice a week, either by Alan Gallant or John Wagner, the leak was caught right away before any damage was done. Although it was an unexpected expense, we are thankful that it was caught so quickly.

Website! The website now has a calendar, check that for the latest information about what is taking place at the church.



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