Midweek Messages – Sept 7, 2017

We are back to regular worship times this week: Riverview at 9:30 and Nine Mile River at 11:15, which means back to two separate bulletins and music selections for me. 😉 Even as I am not quite ready to let summer go, I am looking forward to getting back to more regular routines and discovering how ministry and mission will unfold.

Here are some thoughts etc. about my week. No two weeks are alike. No two days are alike. Yes, there are some things that happen every week, hello sermon 😉 But the variety and pace is never the same, which is both energizing and can be frustrating.

Technology is so great when it works, and so frustrating when it doesn’t. The PC budgeted for a new laptop this year, which has been purchased and Nine Mile River has purchased a projector (we had borrowed one for a few months), however, neither the new computer or my old one would talk to the projector… thanks to Bill Parks and then Wade Stubbington, all systems are go for Sunday! It was such a simple fix, that I am almost embarrassed to admit. Confession is good for the soul right?

I have spent some time working on the website over the last couple of weeks, you may not notice much external change, although the calendar is now on-line, so check there for the most recent updates, it was discovering more efficient ways of uploading material. There is a ‘communication’ tab, so check there for midweek updates, information from the Transition Team, meeting summaries etc. Please take a look at it, and let me know if you can find everything you are looking for and what may be missing from the site. www.elmsdalepastoralcharge.com I am investigating whether we can add a ‘Canada Helps’ donation button to the website where people can make on-line donations.

Hospitality – NametagsMy husband and I attended Stairs Memorial United Church in Dartmouth last weekend and I have to say I was blown away by their hospitality. Coffee/tea/water was available at the back of the church before church rather than after during  the summer months and there were 30-40 people gathered, with lots of conversation and good energy. The most delightful thing was that every single person we made eye contact approached us and talked with us. We had strong positive feelings about the church before the minister even got up to speak. This lived experience confirms what my reading and research says, the important moments for a newcomer to church are the first few minutes. It doesn’t matter how good the preaching and music is, it is the welcome people receive when they first walk in and then the integration into the life of the faith community. You may hear more about this on Sunday, where my theme is Practicing Hospitality… text is Matthew 35: 31-40.

On a related note, the Riverview Entryway Circle has been wrestling with how to encourage people to wear their nametags as well as a central, logical place to put them. At Stairs United they had magnetic nametags, which were all stuck on the metal door, along with a form to fill out if you needed/wanted one. I have emailed the minister to find out about cost etc.


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