Midweek Message – October 12th

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving, wherever you may have been! We celebrated on Saturday with 15 around my sister’s tables. A small group for us, but so enjoyable.

On Tuesday morning, I was out of the house at O’ Dark Thirty to be on time to the Brunswick Street Mission Breakfast held at the World Trade and Convention Centre. I was given a ticket in my role at Chair of the Pinehill Board of Governors. The featured speaker was Mark Brand, a social enterprise entrepreneur who shared part of his story about connecting business and social responsibility through a variety of businesses he has started. You can check out more of his story at http://www.markbrandinc.com/.

I met with Andrea Blandin and Todd Matheson this week; they were inquiring about baptism for their children. It will be a wonderful celebration at Nine Mile River on October 29th!

The Gratitude Challenge booklet was distributed a couple of weeks ago, if you haven’t received one, please ask either Pat or Rev. Catherine. One of the challenges is to write 5 notes of appreciation. This card was waiting for me on Tuesday morning when I came in and it made my day!gratitude.jpg

Ambassador Training – Hmmm, what scared you off? The name? The idea? The Worship Committee will be pondering this.

The 11th Commandment! – You have heard me say that the 11th commandment is not to tell me anything right before or after worship (or during the greeting time) and expect me to remember. 😉 I know a couple of people spoke to me at Riverview after church… if this was you, please be in touch.

 Mindful Mondays – Come walk the labyrinth, discover for yourself this pilgrimage. 7 pm

Sunday! We will be exploring The 10 Commandments. Scripture readings are – Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20 & Mark 12: 28-34.Questions I am pondering:

  • Are the 10 commandments still relevant?
  • If so, why?
  • Do they make a difference in our daily living?
  • If so, how?

I am Study Leave October 21-28, I am attending the Lester Randall Preaching Fellowship, hearing and learning from some well known preachers and music leaders as well as participating in my three workshops: Importance of the Imagination, Ten Things to Try With a Text, and Preaching in Your Underwear: Complexity in Preaching. In my absence, Angela MacLean will lead worship at both points and Rev. Sarah Reaburn will be on call for pastoral emergencies.

Congratulations to Martha Healy and The Community Chorale; they received some press attention. Check out this piece in the Chronicle Herald: http://m.thechronicleherald.ca/artslife/1510721-east-hants-community-chorale-preps-for-carnegie-hall

Check out the new sign holder on the doors at Riverview! All part of the refurbishment of the entryway. No more taped signs that peel the paint off when we try and replace them!Sign.jpg

Don’t forget the Blessing of the Animals this Sunday afternoon at 2 pm on the back lawn of Riverview United Church! Blessing of the Animals - 2017-page-001



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