Midweek Message – October 19, 2017

Midweek Messages – October 19, 2017

A reminder that I am on Study Leave from October 21-28, so there won’t be a midweek message next week.

Sunday! Angela MacLean, AST Student is leading worship; she is focusing on 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 and her reflection title is The Fruits of Gratitude.

The Gratitude Challenge! This made my heart sing! The oldest grandchild of Bill and Eunice Parks created this as she waited for them after church on Sunday! If you think the children aren’t learning anything in church while they are busy at the prayground, think again! She made sure to tell me that she needed two sheets to name all the things for which she is thankful.


The UCW held their annual Muffin Party on Wednesday, LOTS of delicious muffins to be had! Here’s Mabel trying NOT to be in the picture! 😉


Notes from the Worship Committee

  1. Dave Osborne is no longer looking after getting greeters, we have reverted to our earlier practice of a sign-up sheet on the table closest to the door, share your gifts of hospitality! There is a new ‘Greeters’ Guidelines’ pamphlet on the table as well.
  2. After a good start, the attendance the last three weeks has been very low at Mindful Mondays, so we have decided to discontinue it for now. We will explore other ways to offer some sort of contemplative practices in the future.
  3. We talked about how some birthdays get recognized and others don’t. In order to include everyone, we will celebrate Birthday Sunday on the first Sunday of the month by singing Happy Birthday and having cake afterwards! We can sing Happy Birthday for children any Sunday. Those who are offering hospitality that day will be asked to provide cake. Reeta Sweeney offered to provide one for November.
  4. We are excited about the Advent series that we are going to have, it’s called Angels Among Us, we are also starting Advent a week early on November 26th, so come and remember the angels message, “Do not be afraid.”

The Executive met for their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday evening, as soon as the minutes are distributed, we will publish a summary of actions taken and decisions made. Anyone is welcome at our business meetings.



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