Midweek Message – October 26, 2017

Sunday! The UCW are leading worship in Riverview, along with marking All Saints Day. Nine Mile River is celebrating a baptism, which will be followed by lunch and a meeting. Then in the afternoon, we have worship at The Magnolia at 2 pm! Lots of opportunity to connect with God and community!

Paint Night! Tonight! If you haven’t already signed up for this, let Eunice Parks know. It promises to be a fun night in support of Riverview United and the ALS Society. There will be refreshments!

And don’t forget the Turkey Supper at Riverview on Saturday! Dinner - Turkey Poster-page-001

I have been on Study Leave this week, attending the Lester Randall Preaching Fellowship, if you would like to read more about that, check out my blog post about it here.

Check out this post from Thom Rainer on how much time it takes to write a sermon. http://thomrainer.com/2013/06/how-much-time-do-pastors-spend-preparing-a-sermon/

Amanda and Ryan Wood welcomed another girl into their family! Simone Mary Ryan Wood. Can’t wait to meet her!

I am sure a missed a few things that are going on…

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