Midweek Message – November 16, 2017

Sunday! We are taking a tour around the church year! Readings and hymns for every season of the church year.

Plus Can We Talk? following worship. Come and share your wisdom about communication. What is working, what is being lost in the cracks?

Emily Tate won 1st place in the Remembrance Day Literary Contest! Congratulations Emily! emily tate

Calvin Burt, AST student, is grateful to Riverview United for the computer desk that was just taking up space in the Sound Room.


On Tuesday evening, Halifax Presbytery met at Riverview United for their regularly scheduled meeting where they approved our request to dissolve the Elmsdale Pastoral Charge, create two separate pastoral charges and form a new Cooperative Ministry! The UCW pulled off the loaves and the fishes by feeding almost double the number we were told to expect on Tuesday evening!

The Executive met for business on Wednesday evening, as soon as the minutes are out, we will share a summary. Executive business meetings are always open and you are ALWAYS welcome.

A group of us got together to brainstorm ideas of how to ‘flesh out’ our Advent/Christmas Theme of Angels Among Us #DoNotBeAfraid.

Some of the articles I have read this week:

  1. Inspiring Generosity 
  2. 10 Ways to Reach Unchurched People at Christmas
  3. Fifty Ways to Strengthen Ministry With Children 
  4. Unclutter Your Church




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