Midweek Message – November 23, 2017

angelsSunday! We are starting Advent with our Angels Among Us #donotbeafraid. We will hear from some of the messengers of God. The scripture reading is Luke 1: 5-25, 57-80

Questions I am pondering:

1. Where do we find hope?
2. How can we live hope?
3. How can we share hope?

But before Sunday, there are two things coming up on Saturday!

Christmas Tea and Sale at Nine Mile River.

NMR - Tea and Sale Christmas-page-001

Decorating the Sanctuary and Entryway – On Saturday between 10-12, you are invited to help finish decorating the sanctuary and entryway. All ages welcome, there will be snacks!

Can We Talk?

Thanks to everyone who stayed behind last week at Riverview to participate in ‘Can We Talk? Reeta Sweeney, as a Transition Team Member, took notes, and I will share those with you next week.

We discovered a PERFECT example of how misinformation gets shared. After a conversation with Mabel Wellwood, President of UCW, I put the following announcement in the bulletin: The UCW, who for many years, have overseen the decorating of the church for Christmas, have let me know that they can’t do both this year, they will do the hall. Check out the sign-up sheet on the ‘New Circles Board in the entryway.

Somehow that got twisted into ‘Catherine told the UCW that they were not allowed to decorate the sanctuary and the entryway.’

Here is Mabel’s response to that: “I wish to make it very clear that it was the unanimous decision of the UCW women that we were/are unable to decorate the sanctuary and narthex any more. Rev. Catherine had nothing to do with this. She learned about it when I went to her office and informed her of our decision.” UCW President, Mabel

Seems a good time to share this: The Five Gatekeepers of Speech
1. Is it true?
2. Is it kind?
3. Is it beneficial?
4. Is it necessary?
5. Is it the right time?
Joan Halifax -Standing at the Edge

Sign Up Board! In response to some confusion about the magnetic boards in the entryway, we are going to make the middle board a Sign-Up Board! All the sign-up sheets for various events and activities will be there. Check it out.

Cooperative Ministry Proposal Approved! On Tuesday evening, Halifax Presbytery approved the request to dissolve the Elmsdale Pastoral Charge and create two separate and distinct pastoral charges effective January 1, 2017. There will be combined service to mark the end of the Elmsdale Pastoral Charge on January 20, 2018 at Riverview at 10 am. Mac MacLeod, Chair of Halifax Presbytery, will be present to participate. We will mark the beginning of the new Cooperative Ministry on that day as well. Potluck brunch/lunch to follow!

Murray Wellwood has agreed to serve as Chair of the Worship Committee! He brings a wealth of experience and history to this role!

A big THANK YOU to those who painted the entryway; it looks bright and warm and welcoming! There is some signage still to come. You can really see the difference between the two sections now. A project for the new year.



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