Light, By Another Way

My Window on God's World

Who has packed away Christmas all the Christmas decorations?  Who keeps their tree and decorations up till Epiphany, which was yesterday? Despite this meme, both dates are human constructs.


Jesus wasn’t born on Christmas Day and the Wise Men didn’t show up that night OR 12 days later. I know, it’s shocking and mind blowing to some of you! But does the actual date matter? I don’t really think so. What matters is what are we birthing? And how are we sharing the light?

However, dates do provide a means of ritual and remembrance. A shape to the season and year. And so today, we celebrate Epiphany, God’s revelation to the Gentiles, exemplified in the visit of the Wise Men to Jesus.

“Epiphany” means “revelation.” During the season of Epiphany, Christians contemplate the figure of Jesus as a revelation of God’s hopes for the world. It is a time of…

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