Midweek Message – January 26, 2018

Living in the Light!

Scripture Reading – Mark 1: 20-28

Reflection – Demons and Healing and Jesus, Oh My!

Questions I am Pondering
• What are our demons?
• What do we need to be healed from?
• How can we lean on Jesus for healing?

♥ Do you have anything that is heart shaped? I am looking for some things to borrow to for the Ash Wednesday Service. Doesn’t matter the colour.

Some of what I have read this week:

1. Have you been perplexed when I say that some things in the Bible may not be factual, but rather point to a larger truth? Check this article out. Myths — religious or not — go beyond our worldly authorities’ jurisdiction.

2. Has your minister ever disappointed you? Read this! We will Disappoint You.

3. And I read this, shortly after I confirmed the palm branch order for this year. No More Palms Please.

And of course, don’t forget the Turkey Supper at Riverview on Saturday!

Turkey Dinner - January-page-001



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