Midweek Message – January 31, 2018


ReneeRev. Renee Clark is leading worship this Sunday while I am on Study Leave.

Scripture Readings – 1 Corinthians 9:16-23 & Mark 1: 29-39

Reflection – What Are We to Do?



The Annual Report will be available on Sunday, pay close attention to the word clouds; one on the front cover and one at the beginning of my report. There will be a prize if you can tell me what the major difference is! It will also be posted on the website under the Communication tab.

Pancake Supper – The ‘operational difficulties’ that Bill Parks spoke of in regards to cancelling the Pancake supper is that the grill isn’t working. How many folks have griddles at home? Is there a group of people who would like to undertake this? One of Riverview’s stated Core Values is ‘Connected to the Community.’ This is one of the few ways we connect to the community with only a freewill offering asked.

Riverview Nominations! As most of you already know, John and Margery Wagner, along with Paul Healy have resigned from the Executive, which leaves a number of vacancies.

While we have filled the Treasure’s position (Thank you Lisa Williams!) we are looking for a new elder, two Trustees, including a Chair of Trustees.

Representatives from each group/committee of the church are getting together on Sunday, February 11th to brainstorm names and people.

Do you feel called to leadership?

Duties of an Elder


  • Good listener
  • An active participant in the life of the congregation
  • Committed to individual and group/congregations’ faith formation
  • Values and encourages shared leadership
  • Approachable in a variety of ways
  • Open to the emerging ministries to which we are being called


  • Attend meetings of the Executive, both business and Spiritual Grounding..
  • Facilitate the spiritual grounding gathering on a rotation basis of all members of the Executive
  • Tend the Idea Board: Check regularly and frequently for new ideas submitted and take appropriate action
  • Bring new ideas needing Executive discussion to the next Executive meeting
  • Be alert to the many gifts/talents/interests present in the congregation; practice a ministry of encouragement supporting the sharing of those gifts
  • Nurture the shared ministry of Eldership: keep in touch with one another, support one another in the sharing of responsibilities

Time Commitment

  • Meetings: average 3 hours total per month for all meetings
  • Attention to the Idea Board and to those who have posted there: a few minutes per week (this time is at the Elder’s discretion)
  • Consultation among Elders (a few minutes each week)
  • Shared Ministry Gathering (3-4 times per year)
  • Elders have to be members of Riverview United.


The duties of trustees are set out in great detail in the Trustees Handbook., take a look at page 32. In our governance model, we have one Ministry Area that includes Trustees, Stewards, Miller House, Finance and Maintenance. The majority of Trustees need to be members of Riverview United.

Someone with skills in maintenance would be a huge asset as keeping our buildings in good repair in order to carry out our ministry and mission is vital.

Time commitment varies depending on what is needed and time of year.


With big changes coming to how the United Church is structured in the next year, my time in Toronto at the Presidents’ Elect gathering should be interesting…  You can check out all the changes here.

With Dave Osborne’s permission, I share this with you: He is having some health issues, and at this point, the doctor wants him off his feet entirely, therefore he has been unable to get to church. He would appreciate continued prayers for healing and thanks those who check in on him and Cody and offer very practical help.

Some of what I have read this week:

  1.  For all of you who say that people don’t change! 😉 Three Ways to Change People 
  1. A United Church in St. John’s NL dreamed BIG! Check it out here!
  1. 4 Reasons Visitors Do Not Return



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