Covenant & Cross  

My Window on God's World

CrossMany years ago, when I started wearing a cross, perhaps at my confirmation at the age of 35, one of my brothers-in-law asked me why I would wear a Roman instrument of torture and death around my neck. I have to say that I had never thought of a cross in quite that manner and was rather stunned into silence. Yes, the cross was a Roman symbol of torture and death, but it’s not only that. It’s also a symbol of resurrection, of hope, of my sense that death is not the end. But it’s not something to wear lightly.

For in following Jesus, in speaking out against prevailing community norms, speaking truth to power, you take the risk that you will be metaphorically crucified. Let’s listen as Jesus speaks about picking up his cross as written in Mark 8:

8:31 Then he began to teach them that the Son…

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