Midweek Message – March 1, 2018

It’s the third week of Lent! We are adding green to our rainbow hearts this week.

NMR Heart
Heart at Nine Mile River
Lent 3
Heart at Riverview

Reflection – The Truth Will Set You Free… But First It’s Going to Hurt Like Hell!

Nine Mile River – Ways to Live

Scripture this week is Exodus 20: 1-17 & John 2: 13-22

Questions I am pondering:


  • How do the Ten Commandments fit into our lives today?
  • What was Jesus up to when he overturned the tables in the Temple?
  • What tables do we need to overturn?

I am deeply grateful to the congregation of Nine Mile River who has agreed to let me stay behind at Riverview on the first Sunday of the month for the next four months, barring ‘High Holy Days.’

With rumours and gossip flying around these past two weeks, I want to draw your attention to the ‘Can We Talk’ session we had at Riverview in November. Especially the part How Can We Improve Communication?

Some of what I have read this week:

  1. When we talk with each other, are we tossing pebbles or boulders?Check it out here.
  2. Interesting Article about Passing the Peace
  3. This struck my funny bone this week as we had internet difficulties and when they were resolved, our password had reverted to the long string of number. 10 Ways to Get the Church Wifi Password

Fiduciary Responsibility

 Big words that simply mean how we are supposed to handle our money, from counting to depositing to recording and producing reports. Also how we are to protect those who are involved in those things.

One of the ways is by having different teams of people count and deposit the offering along with any other funds that come into the church.  Counters Schedule and Training – If you can be part of the counting teams please stay behind this Sunday to learn the procedures.

We have separated the functions of counting and recording the offering and other monies. A team of counters will look after counting the weekly offering, along with other funds.

If you have money or cheques from an event/supper that need to be deposited, you can put in the offering plate in a separate envelope indicating what it is for, the counters will include them. Or you can leave them in the office Monday-Thursday 9-12.

 Debbie Musgrave is the new Envelope Secretary; these are the duties of that role:


  1. Record information taken from counters’ tally sheets
  2. Submit PAR changes if there are any.


  1. Issue envelopes or offer Preauthorized Remittance (PAR) to new folks and get their contact information: address, phone, email.
  2. Send in PAR requests to United Church.


  1. Order envelopes
  2. Issue charitable donation receipts.

Lisa Williams is the new Treasurer.

Please be patient as we make changes that get us in line with United Church policies on financial matters. If you have a question, please come and talk with me.








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