Midweek Message – March 8, 2018


It’s the fourth week of Lent! We are adding yellow to our rainbow hearts this week.

Lent 4


Lent 4a

Nine Mile River

Reflection – Go Towards the Light

 Scripture this week is John 3: 14-21

Questions I am pondering:

  1. Is light always good and dark always bad?
  2. What are some good things that take place in physical darkness?
  3. What does it mean that ‘God so loved the world.’

There is no Sunday School this week, but children are always welcome!

We will be celebrating the Sacrament of Communion this Sunday.

Don’t forget to Spring Forward this week!

Some of what I have read this week: 

  1. Lessons from Laodicea: Missional Leadership in a Culture of Affluence
  2. Tiny Fossil Steps

United Church News!

The final report of the Boundaries Commission was released; Maritime Conference has been split into two regions: Nova Scotia and Bermuda Synod are one and New Brunswick, PEI and part of the Gaspe Coast. You can check out the full report here.

Presbytery Workshop! April 6th & 7th 

Connecting with the Community

We can send 3 people at no charge thanks to the Presbytery Transformation Fund. 

Please see Rev. Catherine if you are interested. Beyond Snakes and Shamrocks (1)-page-001


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