Go Towards the Light!

My Window on God's World

Sometimes I wonder how I ever wrote a sermon without Google. I have often wondered why people at football games held up signs that said John 3:16. Then I suddenly realized, “Google probably knows!” And sure enough, this is what I found out on Wikipedia: It started with a man by the name of Rollen Stewart, also known as Rock ‘n’ Rollen and Rainbow Man because he often wore a rainbow wig. He became a born again Christian and was determined to get the message out via television by positioning himself strategically at sporting events in the 70s and 80s.

Doesn’t sound so bad does it? It’s a beautiful sentiment… “God so loved the world.”
But what is your visceral reaction to that text I just read. Is it one of love and acceptance… that God so loved the WORLD, or it is one that makes you sort of cringe…

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