Midweek Message – March 15, 2018

It’s the fifth week of Lent! We are adding orange to our rainbow hearts this week.  Lent 5a   Riverview

Lent 5

Nine Mile River

Reflection – The Time Has Come!

Scripture Jeremiah 31: 31-34 & John 12: 20-33

Questions I am pondering:

  1. What time is it in our life as a faith community?
  2. What is written on our hearts?
  3. What is dying, what is waiting to be born?

Attending to Our Life Together @ RiverviewTODAY! Immediately following worship there will be a time for committees/teams/groups to share what is going on in their group. This will take place in the sanctuary, following the benediction.

Website – The name and URL of the website have been changed now that we are no longer a pastoral charge. The new URL is www.riverviewandninemileriverunitedchurches.ca although the old URL will get there for the next year too.

Some of what I have read this week:

  1. Divine Grapevine: Exploring Church Gossip – A link to a CBC interview with Rachel Campbell, then a student at AST doing her Grad Project on gossip.
  2. I love this! You Are Not Going to Believe What I am About To Tell You. 
  3. Ever tried to read the Bible? And gave up part way through? How to read the Bible.

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