Midweek Message – March 29, 2018

Lots of opportunities to worship this week! May we set aside all that separates us and come together rejoicing in the Risen Christ!

Scripture for 9:30 & 11 – Luke 24: 1-12

Sunday’s Reflection



I couldn’t say it any better than Sarah Bessey did on Facebook!

It’s Holy Week in the Church calendar now. Palm Sunday has passed, but Easter Sunday isn’t here yet. These are tender days for us. I remember being really struck when I first heard someone refer to this time as Passion Week – it seemed so *right* – because this entire story is a story of God’s great passionate love for us, God’s great passion for redemption, rescue, and the renewal of all things.

Let’s be honest: the world isn’t longing for another Easter egg hunt or free chocolate. The longing of our hearts isn’t for a bigger and better stage performance or helicopter egg drops. We’re yearning for light breaking through in the darkness. For love in the midst of fear, for joy after and through our sorrow, for healing from our brokenness and pain, for beauty for our ashes. We’re longing for Jesus, still, all of us, always.

The Church is (hopefully…) our place and community for the detox from the here-we-are-now-entertain-us frenzies of our culture.

So. Fill a basin with water and wash someone’s feet. Tear apart the simple bread, pour a glass of wine or grape juice, and remember. Love one another. Listen to women standing at empty tombs, crying about resurrection. Have a bit of compassion on the ones who fail. Set up an outpost for the Kingdom of God, right in the teeth of suffering and death and greed, and practice love. After all, we were loved right to the end. Even now, we are loved, right to the end.

And these words from John O’Donahue

The state of one’s heart inevitably shapes one’s life:
A courageous heart will go forth and engage with life despite confusion and fear.
A compassionate heart need never carry the burden of judgment.
A forgiving heart knows the art of liberation.
A loving heart awakens the spirit of possibility and engagement with others.

I was encouraged, which means to ‘take heart,’ by this report about East Hants experiencing a growth spurt and a population with more young people than seniors! How do we connect with them? What are we willing to let die in order for new life to emerge? For that is the message of Easter. Resurrection happens. Happy Easter!











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