Midweek Message – April 11, 2018

I said that there wouldn’t be a Midweek Message this week, but apparently I lied! 😉

As most of you know, I am on Study Leave and working on pulling together the various pieces of work that have taken place during the Interim Ministry. This will help the Joint Needs Assessment Committee with their work. I plan to spend some time on the ‘Can We Talk’ session planned for May and the Mission/Vision/Tagline Statement workshop in June.

Below is my ‘home away from home’ for the week I am in Victoria. The friends that I am staying with live in a small house, so I am comfortably ensconced in their RV. Which gives both of us some space from each other.


As we move through the Easter season, and I look for signs of living resurrection, this video, entitled Celebrating What’s Right With the World, recommended by Rev. Susan MacAlpine-Gillis. I encourage you to watch it.

For those of you on Facebook, I posted this question today in the East Hants Wants To Know group: What do you think is the biggest problem/issue/challenge facing churches these days? I invite responses from both those who are part of a faith community and those who are not. Full disclosure: I am the Interim Minister at Riverview and Nine Mile River United Churches. I am getting ALL kinds of interesting responses. Check it out!






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  1. Emily Black says:

    We are buying an RV but nothing like that. It is beautiful. I miss seeing youth involved in our churches. Where do they go? Some traditional things are good to have. I do agree we have to move forward in our thought process regarding relationship with the church community. One thing we really need in our church is maintenance regarding the replacement and/or repair of our appliances. The electrical plugs in the kitchen are in need of updating. I have heard a number of comments on replacement of our community room floor. Our parking lot is also of concern. I know it all costs but letting it go too far could cost even more and could become unsafe..

    Our fellowship after church although great, no one wants to help with it. Sally has stepped in several times.

    We have a lot of eldely in our church. They are getting tired after so many years keeping our church going. I don’t know what the solution is. It is not just our problem.

    Our church should be used for more that it is. I don’t know what.

    I, personally, am not happy with the way our collection is handled as of late. I have seen it left at the front of the church unattended. I wasn’t worried before. I have been writing cheques and will continue to do so until there is more security regarding our collection.

    I like to see that we have some new people in our church. I miss those who have left our congregation. Every member should be valued. Some of them do not.

    I can’t comment on other churches because I go to Riverview and hope to continue going there for awhile.


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