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My Window on God's World

The possibility of peace between North and South Korea… the conviction of Bill Cosby… 10 people, mainly women, mowed down and killed by a driver… many more injured… a calm police officer… the death of a Edna DeMann’s brother… a fundraising dinner… a Conference Executive meeting… All of these played on my heart and mind as I wrote this reflection.

Connections… we are all connected to those things… Janice Lewis was on the other end of Yonge when the killing spree took place.

I learned a new term this week: incel, short for ‘involuntary celibate.’ According to the New York Times,

“Incels are misogynists who are deeply suspicious and disparaging of women, whom they blame for denying them their right to sexual intercourse. At their most extreme, incels have advocated rape and other forms of violence against women.”

Bill Cosby’s conviction is another demonstration that powerful men can no…

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