Midweek Message – June 7, 2018

We have different things happening in each congregation again this Sunday!

Basically opposite to what took place last week.

At Riverview, the scriptures are Genesis 3: 8-15 & 1 Samuel 3: 1-10.

Sermon Title – Naked and Afraid

Questions I am pondering:
How do we respond when we are called by God?
What makes us ‘naked and afraid?’
Who calls us?
Who is called?
When are we called?
How do we respond

At Nine Mile River, we are ‘praying with scripture’ using Mark 8:27-29, the ‘who do you say that I am’ passage. We will be worshiping in an interactive format, as we seek to refine our Core Values into a short statement.

NMR Yard Sale


We extend sympathy and prayers to the Wellwood family as they mourn the death of Marita; visitation is on Thursday from 7-9, funeral service is on Friday at 2 pm. Both of these are taking place at Riverview. You are invited to wear something yellow in celebration of her favourite colour. Here is the link to her obituary.

What I Have Been Reading

 Jan Edmiston writes about ‘Random Church.’ 

The ‘Gift’ in a Box Full of Darkness.

Defining our Values Process June 3, 2018 – Riverview

 Who do you say we are as Riverview United Church?

What values reflect Riverview?

 The top 7 words were:

Acceptance         (9)

Caring                  (15)

Community         (9)

Faith                     (7)

Family                  (8)

Friendship            (13)

 The next step is to create a ‘tagline.’ A short, easy to remember statement about who we are using the above words/concepts.


 Riverview United Church – An accepting, caring, friendly community of faith.

 Riverview United Church – An accepting, caring community, where faith and friendship can grow.

 Riverview United Church – Where you are welcome and accepted into faith and caring friendship.

 Now it’s your turn! Try writing a tagline and send it to the office or Rev. Catherine. We will decide together which one to adopt.

 Total Results

 Acceptance (9)

Belonging      (3)

Caring  (15)

Community   (9)

Connection  (1)

Cooperation  (1)

Courage  (0)

Dignity  (1)

Diversity  (0)

Environment  (0)

Faith  (7)

Family  (8)

Forgiveness    (3)

Friendship  (13)

Fun (1)

Future Generations (0)

Generosity  (1)

Giving back   (0)

Grace  (0)

Gratitude  (2)

Growth  (1)

Health   (1)

Harmony (0)

Hospitality (3)

Humility  (0)

Inclusion (5)

Joy  (0)

Justice  (1)

Kindness  (4)

Learning  (2)


Loyalty  (2)

Making a difference  (1)

Openness  (3)

Order (0)

Peace   (1)

Perseverance  (6)

Recognition  (1)

Respect  (3)

Risk-taking  (1)

Spirituality  (1)

Stewardship  (1)

Teamwork  (5)

Thriftiness  (0)

Truth  (2)

Understanding  (4)

Vision  (0)

Vulnerability  (3)


Add your own:

Compassion (1)

Supportive (1)

Welcoming (2)



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