Midweek Message – June 14, 2018

SO much going on this Sunday!

It’s Aboriginal Sunday, it’s Father’s Day, we are celebrating Communion and at Riverview, we are dedicating another stained glass window!

Stained glasss

Scripture reading is Mark 4: 26-35.

Questions I am pondering:

  • What are we scattering?
  • What do we want to be known for?

Defining our Values Process June 10, 2018 – Nine Mile River

Who do you say we are as Nine Mile River United Church?

What values reflect Nine Mile River?

A picture’s worth a thousand words…

NMR Values

NMR Tagline

The next step is to create a ‘tagline.’ A short, easy to remember statement about who we are using the above words/concepts. There is one example in the second picture.

Try writing a tagline and send it to Rev.  Catherine; we will decide together which one to adopt.


Prayers are extended to Betty Allen and her family as the mourn the death of her brother. Here is the link to his obituary:

We extend sympathy and prayers to the family and friends of Flossie (Marguerite) Crowe. There will be a graveside service on June 15, 2018 @ 2pm in the cemetery on the Ess Road (I can’t never remember whether it’s Sandy Hill or Sand Hill) followed by a reception at Nine Mile River United Church. Here is the link to her obituary.

What I Have Been Reading

If you would like an overview of the likely changes to our church, read this article.

Conference President Duties

I was installed as President of Maritime Conference at the Annual Meeting, already there have been some activities

  • Chaired a short meeting of the Conference Executive immediately following the Celebration of Ministry Service.
  • Wrote a letter of encouragement to a congregation in PEI upon their decision to sell their building.
  • Created video greetings for a new church amalgamation in New Brunswick.
  • Attended the funeral of Rev. Jim Hicks. (It’s a practice for the president to attend, or send an alternate, to any clergy funerals in the conference)


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