Scattering Seeds

My Window on God's World

Bannock1Father’s Day… Aboriginal Sunday… Dedication of a new stained glass window… communion… Weather that is providing a challenge to local farmers… children being torn from their parents at the US border… officials using the Bible as justification! A passage from the gospel of Mark likening the realm of God to a mustard seed… What’s a preacher to do to try and connect all that?

A random Facebook post led me to this quote, part of a longer Litany of the Seeds by Fran Pratt, and that gave me a way in. She writes:

How should we understand big things? By looking closely at small things.

The scripture for today has Jesus telling the disciples parables… of sowing seeds and comparing the small seed to the realm of God. Let’s listen to words from the gospel of Mark in the 4th chapter.

26 He also said, “The kingdom of God is…

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