Five Smooth Stones

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There are few stories that are more familiar than the one of David and Goliath. Even the most secular people have some sort of understanding of the story. It comes from more than three thousand years ago, but still has echoes today.

Israel has come into the Promised Land and become a significant presence there. With Saul as king, it is enforcing its identity and rights against the power of the Philistines.There are two stories of how David came to Saul’s attention. The one we read today emphasizes his role as shepherd, who will eventually lead the united kingdom of Israel and Judah, with God’s blessing. In this story, told, naturally, from the Israelite point of view, there is a real moment of crisis, in which all could easily be lost, as two champions face each other, winner take all! (Scripture Intros – Rev. Stew Clarke & Rev. Catherine MacDonald)

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