Don’t Go Away Grieving

My Window on God's World

Follow MeWhat are you attached to? Do you have any ‘guilty’ attachments? Sea salt and caramel ice cream at midnight when nobody is watching? A cigarette now and again in secret? Facebook? Perhaps some on-line shopping?

What about healthy attachments? What are yours? Family? Although that is not always healthy… there is a saying, “Each family is dysfunctional in its own way.” Your home? Your church?

We all are attached to something… some idea… some vision of ourselves… someone… Whether that attachment is healthy or unhealthy is a matter of degree.
Love and care of a child can become restrictive if the child isn’t allowed to grow, evolve and become independent. The convenience of on-line shopping can become addictive if the shopping becomes and end in itself, rather than a practicality. And I bet you, if I were a gambling woman, that each one of us knows someone who struggles with…

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