Thursday Thoughts – October 18, 2018

This week’s reading: Mark 10: 35-45 

Questions I have been pondering:

  • Do we want to be close to Jesus?
  • What does being close to Jesus mean?
  • Why do people come to church?

Reflection Title – Do We Want to Be Close to Jesus?  

There is still time for you to respond to the question: Why do you come to church?

 Last week, at Riverview, we celebrated the baptism of Paul Lewis. Thanks to Melissa Kew for the photo.


I have been away most of the week with duties at President of Maritime Conference, attending the Presbyterian Synod Meeting and then the Sydney Presbytery Meeting; you can check out my reflections on that on my personal website Although that probably won’t be till tomorrow.

Here’s a picture of the Moderator of the Synod and me.


Next week, my duties continue. I leave Thursday to participate in the United Church of Christ’s annual meeting in Saco, Maine, which takes place Friday and Saturday. That will be followed by a week of Study Leave, in which I will participate in the Anglican Diocese of New Brunswick Annual Meeting in Fredericton. I am using one of my extra Sundays off as a travel day from Maine. Rev. Renee Clark is leading worship both Sundays I am gone and Lori Crocker will be on call from Pastoral Emergencies.

Much of the travel schedule for the president has been compressed into the fall, since the conference is coming to an end at the end of the calendar year. While the new region (Region 15) will still have a president, the duties and responsibilities have not yet been determined, neither has it been determined whether I will continue in this capacity.

What I Have Been Reading

Earthquakes, Typhoons & Tsunami – If you are feeling overwhelmed by natural disasters and want to help with relief efforts, the United Church, through their partnerships is responding. If you want to respond to typhoons etc. through the Mission and Service Fund, here is a link to do that.

Can I Ban, ‘Remember When?’



Mon. Oct. 22nd     Worship Committee Meeting @ 7:30 pm

Tue. Oct. 23rd      Study Group – Riv. @ 1:00 pm – Complete exercise #3

(pg. 21) in “On Holy Ground”

Wed. Oct. 24th     Executive Business Meeting @ 7:00 pm

Sat. Oct. 27th       Riv. Turkey Supper @ 4:30 pm


Sun. Oct. 28th      Church Services – Riv. 9:30 am and NMR 11:15 am

Sun. Oct. 28th      Lunch following service @ NMR

Tue. Oct. 30th       Study Group – Riv. CANCELLED

Thu. Nov. 1st        All Saints Day

Thu. Nov. 1st        Seniors Group Pot-luck luncheon/meeting @ noon.

Sat. Nov. 3rd        TURN YOUR CLOCKS BACK 1 HOUR.

Sun. Nov. 4th        Church Services – Riv. 9:30 am and NMR 11:15 am







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