Do We Want to Be Close to Jesus?  

My Window on God's World

DSC05182Alan Alda, the United Church’s Statement on Ministry, sales training, photosynthesis, responses from people on the question: why I come to church, the reading from Mark… let’s see if they all hang together by the time I am finished.

I asked people to share why they come to church and a number of you responded.

This from Joan Gallant:

• I come/go to church to develop and deepen my relationship with God; theoretically I would like to do that with other, like-minded people….
• Years ago, I likened my attendance to church on Sunday as a ‘bath’…..a ‘cleansing time’ to remind myself, what I should be thinking about, and how, and when and why, etc….I found it to be a bit of a ‘realignment’ process for me….perhaps like checking in to a clinic (addictions?!) to weigh/measure one’s progress – or not!
• I was especially happy to take my young…

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