Thursday Thoughts – December 20, 2018

This Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Advent! We are focusing on HOPE!

Did you know that it’s the 200th anniversary of Silent Night? We are focusing our advent worship around the theme of Calm and Bright and to tie in with the first verse of the hymn, this week we will light the candle of hope.

Two different things going on in the churches this week:

At Riverview, the Sunday School will share their presentation: The Twases of the First Christmas, I can’t wait to see their artwork on the screen, here is a sneak preview of one piece.

pixAn angel appears to Joseph in a dream, artwork by Naomi and Dalia Wood.

At NMR, we are focusing on Mary

Scripture – Luke 2: 26-38

Reflection – Mary Said Yes!

Other Things That Are Going On!

Carnegie Hall write-up! Check out this write-up in the Weekly Press about EHCS’s recent trip to NYC.

The Riverview UCW held their Christmas gathering at Faith Conrad’s home this past week, here are a couple of pictures from that event.


Star Wall!

Lots of people had their picture taken in front of the Star Wall last week, if you haven’t, get it done this Sunday! ’


ECM Christmas Eve


b brunch


Jesus Doesn't Care.jpg


Wed. Jan. 2nd      Executive Grounding Meeting @ 7:00 pm

Thu. Jan. 3rd        Seniors Group Meeting @ noon – potluck luncheon.

Office Hours

In recognition of the extra hours our minister and secretary put in to get ready for Christmas, the office is closed from December 25, 2018 to January 2, 2019

 If you would like your offering to be Tax Deductible by using Offering Envelopes or a Pre-authorized Remittance (PAR) form, please speak to Debbie Musgrave or call the office and we will get you set up.

Faith, Justice and Ethical Living

Do you like to keep up to date on what’s going on in these areas? Do you want to keep up to date on what is going on in the wider church? Interfaith issues? Indigenous issues? LGBTQ issues? Then subscribe to the United Church Observer! Just $25 for 11 issues. Contact the office to set it up! Deadline – December 30th.

Looking to 2019

As the Executive looks towards 2019, we will be gathering representatives from each group/committee in the church to consider nominations at the Annual Meeting. Currently we are in need of a treasurer and secretary. If you think either of these might interest you, please speak to a member of the executive.






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