Thursday Thoughts – January 3, 2019


Sunday marks the beginning of our January series on Jesus Doesn’t Care!

Scripture: Micah 6: 6-8, Matthew 2: 1-2, Luke 4: 16-30

Reflection – Following the Star

Questions I am pondering: 

  • What are the things that we get hung up about that Jesus doesn’t care about?
  • What are the things that Jesus DOES care about?
  • What does that mean for us?

As has been our custom for the past three years, you will receive a ‘Star Word’ on Sunday… a word to ponder and/or guide you in the coming year. My star words since I have been your minister are daring, understanding and prayer, wonderful words as we make our way through this Interim Ministry period.


Other Things That Are Going On

With the Ministry and Personnel Committee’s blessing, I am going to be working from home on Mondays for the next while and see how that goes. As always, I am available by phone and email and will come in when necessary.



Tue. Jan. 8th        Study Group – Riv. @ 1:00 pm

Tue. Jan. 8th        Riv. Stewards Meeting @ 7:30 pm


Tue. Jan. 15th      Study Group – Riv. @ 1:00 pm

Tue. Jan. 15th      Worship Committee Meeting @ 7:30 pm

Wed. Jan. 16th     Muffin Party – Riv. @ 10:30 – noon

Wed. Jan. 16th     UCW Meeting following Muffin Party

Wed. Jan. 16th     Executive Business Meeting @ 7:00 pm

Thu. Jan. 17th      Transition Team Meeting @ 2:00 pm

____________________________________________________________________________________________Thank you so much for the poinsettia and gift card to Indigo Books. The poinsettia will continue to brighten my dining room table and the gift card has already been spent! Rev. Catherine

____________________________________________________________________________________________BIRTHDAY PARTY – 90th Birthday Party for Vivian Leighton at the Upper Nine Mile River Community Hall.  Best wishes only.  Saturday, January 12th, 2019 – 2:00 to 4:00 pm. Storm day – January 13th, 2019.

____________________________________________________________________________________________Annual Reports! – It’s getting to be that time again! A chance to review the past year, celebrate what was, and look to the future. Cooperative Ministry: Financial Report, Ministry & Personnel, Worship Committee, Seniors Group, Prayer Pals, Transition Team, Interim Ministry Report, JNAC.

____________________________________________________________________________________________Riverview: Chair of the Executive, Stewards, Sunday School, Treasurer, UCW, Dorcas’ Place, Choir, Food Bank, Mission & Service, Trustees, Facilities, Nominating Team.

Nine Mile River: Chair of the Governing Body, Treasurer, Stewards & Trustees, Mission & Service, Nominating Team.

These reports are due January 24, 2019.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________If you would like your offering to be Tax Deductible by using Offering Envelopes or a Pre-authorized Remittance (PAR) form, please speak to Debbie Musgrave or call the office and we will get you set up.

____________________________________________________________________________________________Nominations for 2019 – The Riverview Executive is inviting representative from each group/committee/team in the church on February 3, 2019 @ 2 pm to consider nominations for election at the Annual Meeting. Currently we have opportunities for two elders, a treasurer and  and secretary. If you think wondering where you might offer your gifts to serve, please contact Gary Smiley: or 902-883-9337

____________________________________________________________________________________________Advance Notice February 10, 2019 – Joint Service at Riverview @ 10 am followed by Potluck Brunch and Interim Ministry Evaluation. Presbytery Representatives Rev. Dr. Susan MacAlpine-Gillis and Elaine Gray will lead the congregations in an evaluation process.



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