Following the Star

My Window on God's World

As was
mentioned in the promotional material, the idea for this series came from a
conversation I had with someone in December when I asked her to serve communion
one Sunday morning and was told, “But I have jeans on!” My immediate response
was, “Jesus doesn’t care!”

It got me to
thinking about what else that we, and I certainly include myself in that, what
do we, get hung up about that Jesus doesn’t care about?

When I posted
the poster I made for this series on Facebook, one of you responded with,
“Jesus doesn’t care which seat you are in, God can find you anywhere!”

Someone else
asked me if Jesus cared if someone wore a hat in church. My response was that I
had always been confused at how men/boys were supposed to remove their hats in
church and women/girls were supposed to wear them!

Most of the

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