Does Jesus Care If You/We Are Baptized?

My Window on God's World

To continue with the second week of our Jesus Doesn’t Care series, I spent a long time contemplating baptism and pondering:

  • What does the United Church say about baptism?
  • What does it mean to be baptized?
  • What are the reasons people bring their children for baptism if they don’t intend to participate in the life of a faith community?
  • And, of course, does Jesus care whether we are baptized or not?

The United Church has 4 understandings of baptism:

  1. A ritual of covenant and welcome into the faith community
  2. A ritual of grace
  3. A rite of passage
  4. A ritual of belonging

Parents and adults usually approach baptism through one of these understandings.

When we baptize… and while I might preside over the ritual, it’s not just me who is baptizing… it is us… as a community of faith… we ALL enter into the baptism. That is why in the United…

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