Blessings & Woes – Part 1

My Window on God's World

Have you ever listened or read that list of those who are blessed and think, “Really God? Blessed?” And so I have been pondering how the word blessings and what being blessed means all week. I used to end my emails with ‘Blessings.’ We say that something is a blessing to us. We say ‘Bless you’ when someone sneezes. We usually view blessings as positive things… or we say something was a blessing in disguise.

The Tuesday study group had a great discussion about blessings and luck! Do we view our circumstances as God’s favour? Even when our circumstances are often nothing much beyond being born into the family/community/country that we are.

And then we read this passage… and none of it sounds like something we would welcome… they are very well disguised blessings. Various translations of the Bible use ‘happy’ rather than blessed. Others use the term ‘God blesses…

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