Thursday Thoughts – February 21, 2019

vigil6Hearts are so heavy and words fail, so I offer you this blessing:

Solace Blessing

That’s it.

That’s all this blessing knows how to do: Shine your shoes. Fill your refrigerator. Water your plants. Make some soup.

All the things you cannot think to do yourself when the world has come apart, when nothing will be normal again.

Somehow this blessing knows precisely what you need, even before you know. It sees what will bring the deepest solace for you. It senses what will offer the kindest grace.

And so it will step with such quietness into the ordinary moments where the absence is the deepest. It will enter with such tenderness into the hours where the sorrow is most keen. You do not even have to ask.

Just leave it open— your door, your heart, your day in every aching moment it holds. See what solace spills through the gaps your sorrow has torn. See what comfort comes to visit, holding out its gifts in each compassionate hand.

Jan Richardson, from The Cure for Sorrow

Mable Wellwood was interviewed by CBC Wednesday afternoon; you can find the clip here.

I have scrapped the scripture reading and what I planned to preach on Sunday and not sure what I will share at this point. It’s also the week that Riverview holds its annual meeting within the worship service itself.

Sun. Feb. 24th Riv. Annual Meeting to take place within worship.
Sun. Feb. 24th NMR luncheon following service.
Tue. Feb. 26th Study Group – Riv. @ 1:00 pm – Luke 9:28-36
Thu. Feb. 28th Transition Team @ 2:00 pm
Fri. Mar. 1st World Day of Prayer – St. Matthew’s Presbyterian, Elmsdale @ 7:00 pm
Sat. Mar. 2nd Riv. Turkey Dinner @ 4:30 pm

Sun. Mar. 3rd Church Services – Riv. @ 9:30 am & NMR @ 11:15 am
Sun. Mar. 3rd Food Bank Collection
Tue. Mar. 5th Study Group @ 1:00 pm
Wed. Mar. 6th Ash Wednesday Service – NMR @ 7:00 pm
Thu. Mar. 7th Seniors Group Meeting – Riv. @ 12:00 noon potluck luncheon.
Sat. Mar. 9th Daylight Saving Time – Spring ahead 1 hour.

We hold in Allah/God’s eternal light Abdullah, Rana, Hala, Ghala, Mohammed, Rola and Ahmed Barho and their parents.

Riverview Charitable Donation Receipts are available today from Debbie Musgrave before and after church. They will then be in the office until Feb 28th, after which time they will be mailed.

Rev. Catherine is on vacation February 25-March 3rd; in her absence AST Student Mavis Peters is leading worship at both places and Lori Crocker can be reached for pastoral emergencies @ 902-329-2227.

World Day of Prayer Service
St. Matthew’s Presbyterian Church
Friday, March 1, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
The service has been prepared by the women of Slovenia, with the theme “Come – Everything is Ready!”
For more information on World Day of Prayer, check out




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