Thursday Thoughts – April 11, 2019

It’s Palm Sunday! There will be palms to wave around!

Jesus entry into Jerusalem where the Holy Week journey starts!

Four monologues, from the perspective of different people in the crowd that day, will be how the message is shared.


Tue. Apr. 16th Worship Committee @ 7:30 pm
Wed. Apr. 17th Coffee Party – Riv. @ 10:30 am to noon
Wed. Apr. 17th UCW Meeting – Riv. @ 1:00 pm
Wed. Apr. 17th Executive Grounding Meeting @ 7:00 pm
Thur. Apr. 18th Maundy Thursday Service – NMR @ 7:00 pm
Fri. Apr. 19th Good Friday Service – Riv. @ 3:00 pm

Sun. Apr. 21st Easter Sunrise Service – Riv. @ 7:00 pm
Sun. Apr. 21st Easter Services – Riv. @ 9:30 pm – NMR @ 11:15 pm
Mon. Apr. 22nd ECM Office Closed

Cooperative Ministry Meeting! April 15, 2019 – Riverview United @ 7:30 PM
The purpose of the meeting is to present a candidate for the position of minister. All who are connected with Riverview and Nine Mile River United Churches are encouraged to attend!

United Church Regional Meeting May 23-26, 2019 Sackville, NB
Are you interested in attending and participating in the inaugural meeting of Region 15 (and have a hand in naming the region!)? Riverview can send two representatives and Nine Mile River one. Please see Rev. Catherine if you would like to go. Accommodation and meals will be covered by the respective congregations.

Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Burnside
John Howard Society Gardening Project Do you have extras of any of these things? Any questions please ask Reeta Sweeney
Watering cans or buckets—4, Garden rakes—4, Long handled hoes—4
Shovels\spades—4, Rain barrels—2, Stakes for plant identification, String or trellis to support plants like peas\beans, Work boots x7, Overalls\coveralls x7, Gloves x12 pairs

Stroll (or Roll) for Your Soul invites mindful attention and offers 21 emails delivering incentive, focus and inspiration to your email inbox.
It takes 21 days to create a habit. Use these daily emails as motivation to get outside. They will help you notice the green and growing glories of spring. If you are a regular walker, they offer practice at paying attention and being in the present moment. Weave silence and mindful reflection into whatever minutes you have to give to yourself. Explore our 2019 theme, WayMarks, with Janice from the Prayer Bench, strolling in the Canadian Maritimes and Caroline from Kereru Publishing, strolling in New Zealand. Please let Rev. Catherine know if you would like to participate.

In other news… 

Tracey Miller (who filled in during Martha’s leave of absence and is now playing at NMR once a month) and her partner John Eggenhuizen got engaged! Congratulations!


What I have Read:

Is music performance or worship?

What Chorale Singing Can Teach Us About Leadership


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