Thursday Thoughts – July 18, 2019


The Thursday Thoughts will no longer include the announcements fo the week as they can be found here: Announcements

In this space I will share the scripture/s for the coming Sunday and any other musings I might like to share about the life and work of our community, congregation, the wider church, or the world. This is the first of these postings, but I would like to update you on the last couple of weeks.

It’s been a wonderful time of getting to know you and this community. Many folks have popped in to see me or invited me to visit. I’m so grateful for the wonderful welcome I have received and look forward to getting to know each of you over time. This summer, while I am getting my feet wet learning about your governance and history etc., I decided to share with you a sermon series that I created when I was a student-supply minister at Fort Massey United Church in Halifax. I love to share a sermon series because it gives us all an opportunity to dig a little deeper into a theme than we may have the chance to when following the regularly prescribed scriptures from The Revised Common Lectionary. This summer our sermon series is on the Parables of Jesus. You are all invited to come and hear the stories and think about them in new and exciting ways!

Sermon from July 8: “Good and Faithful Servant”

Sermon from July 15: “That’s Righteous!”

This week the scripture is Matthew 20:1-16 “The Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard”. My sermon is titled “Not Fair!”. One of the things we have been considering with this series is how provocative and radical these stories that Jesus told really were! I’d love to see you in church to hear this message in person, but you can always check them out after the fact at Sermon Reflections on our Website.

In the meantime, check out what we’ve been up to. And by we I mean my dog Miss Lucy and I. Lucy came to live at my house on May 3. She was a dream that came true sooner than expected and not in the way I expected, but isn’t that what happens when WE make plans? -God laughs! Lucy is training as a Therapy Dog to be my partner in ministry to bring comfort and joy to all she and I meet in this work. She will be joining me in the office full-time in September, but for the summer months she will be here on Thursdays mainly and other days if she wants! Last Thursday was her first time here and she had an awesome time. Here is the post I shared on Facebook about our time together:

“I’m just finishing up another fine day at my office here at Riverview. Miss Lucy came to work today for the first time and she was awesome. We are still working on her gregarious (aka LOUD) greeting (aka BARK), but the more time she spends here the better it will be. We met A LOT of new people today and had two great visits. We also had some new young friends spend a couple hours in and out of the office reading books and making friends.

I decided last week that I would come into the office later on Thursdays so I could hang around and have my office open while the market is on. It’s been really nice to meet people coming and going from there. It’s the plan to be here until at least 6 pm on Thursday evenings. Feel free to stop in and see us.

Loving your neighbour requires first knowing them and so many people from this community come into our space on this night! Let folks know I’m here too if they want to come say hello

This coming Sunday in worship we will explore the Parable of the Tax-Collector and the Pharisee from the Gospel of Luke… I look forward to sharing a message of unconditional love and grace with you all. 10 am at Nine Mile River United this week. See you there!

@Rev. Kim Curlett”


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