Rev. Catherine MacDonald

DSC_7986Rev. Catherine was our Intentional Interim Minister January 2016 – June 2019. She worked with a Transition Team to help us achieve some goals and become healthier and more vibrant. She has moved on to another Intentional Interim Ministry appointment and we wish her well.

In her own words: I was ordained by Maritime Conference in 2004, after finally responding to God’s call. It was a call that I felt from my childhood, although it took a long time to recognize it. I have ministered in rural, suburban and urban contexts and have an appreciation the
differences and similarities. I grew up as an ‘air force brat,’ mostly in small communities across Canada, and so have learned how to say hello, build relationships and then to say good-bye.

I have a deep conviction that our churches have a role in today’s society and a belief in the transforming power of our sacred texts and the life of Jesus. I love connecting our scriptures with everyday life and am dedicated to multi-sensory worship experience.

I see my role as your Interim Minister as a midwife. There will be hard work, there will be times when we wonder how and why we got into this situation, and there will be times of anxiety and feeling stuck. But together, we will give birth to something new and