Naked and Afraid

Originally posted on My Window on God's World:
? Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a Biblical image when you google ‘naked and afraid?’ And I know that some of you shook your heads if you say the sign before it was changed to highlight Marita’s funeral. But naked…

Covenant & Cross  

Originally posted on My Window on God's World:
Many years ago, when I started wearing a cross, perhaps at my confirmation at the age of 35, one of my brothers-in-law asked me why I would wear a Roman instrument of torture and death around my neck. I have to say that I had never…

Midweek Message – February 22, 2018

The Heart of Covenant Living It’s the second week of Lent! Last week at Riverview, we started our rainbow heart with the colour purple, this week we will add blue. We will have a beautiful piece of artwork at the end of it thanks to Janice Lewis. Next week, there will be pictures from both…

Images of God – Reflections on The Shack

A Black woman, a Middle Eastern man and an Asian woman. Sounds like they should be walking into a bar right? 😉 Those figures are how God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit are portrayed in the book and movie The Shack. Although ‘Papa,’ the Black woman, is later portrayed as an American Indian as well….